Creating & Restoring Backups (Game Hosting)

How to create and restore backups

Here we will tell you how to create and restore backups on your game/voice server or bot instance. Note that your service will be shutdown during the backup process. Also depending on the amount of files your service has it may take long to create backups. By default you will have 50 GB of backup space.

Note: Unfortunately due to limitations of the control panel you're not able to schedule these backups :(

Note 2: Also due to panel limitations you're not able to select the exact files you want to backup. So it will also backup the downloadable game/server files. Rather then only custom content (map, configurations etc.) 

Creating backups:

Note that your server will be shutdown during the process! Make these backups when you have a few spare minutes. They can take longer to make based on the size of your files. 

  1. You want to login into the game control panel . 
  2. navigate to your server 
  3. Shut down your server, If you don't do it, the panel will do it for you when creating backups.
  4. Management -> Data Vault
  5. There you click on  "Create New" (please see the Common issues if there is no create new button)
  6. There will be a prompt saying "This will immediately stop your server and back up all of its contents."  And click OK
  7. Give your backup a fancy name.
  8. Your backup is now being created. Creating a backup can take some time, A 8.3GB backup took about 10 minutes to create. 
    Don't start the backup if you have players waiting to play. You wont be able to stop or cancel the backup creation. 
    The exact amount of time it will take is hard to say, as it depends on the amount of files and total size of your instance. 


Restoring backups

  1. You want to login into the game control panel . 
  2. navigate to your server and shut it down.
  3. Next go to Management -> Data Vault.
  4. Now you see the list of the backup's you created. select "Deploy" on the backup you want to restore. 
  5. You will get a prompt "This will immediately stop your server and reinstall the whole server overwriting default data with the backup." And click OK
  6. Now the backup will start restoring. It basically replaces all files with the one from the backup. Also the time it takes to restore all files depends on the size of the backup file. 
    This would be a nice way to have a fresh start of your server with basic settings. 

Common issues:

  • There is no "Create new" button what do I do?
    • Please create a support ticket, This means your service probably doesn't have backup space configured. 
  • I think my backup crashed
    • Please wait a little bit longer. If your backup is not created/restored within 30 minutes and then contact us.
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