Diagnosing Minecraft server errors

Day to day, we are constantly blamed for server crashes or servers not working, however, 95% of the time, the issue was caused by the server owner/plugins or mods that are installed. In this guide, I will explain common errors so that you can distinguish between errors that are caused by what you have done and whether it's our fault.

Server errors can be found in the server.log or latest.log file, which you can find either using the file manager or SFTP.



This is a very common error and is simple to fix. The most common cause for this error is that the port isn't set to the right port in your server.properties file. you can easily open the server.properties in the file manager and edit "server-port=" and "query.port=" 





We can almost guarantee that you will have SEVERE errors in your server.log / latest.log at some point while hosting a server.

These errors usually appear when a plugin is either outdated, and cannot run with the current server version, corrupt or is missing another plugin / library that it needs in order to run.
An example of this would be Factions requiring a plugin called mcore to run.

Another reason these messages may appear could be because of a problem with a world, or dimension within a world.


How do I fix SEVERE errors?

You'll likely need to do one, or more of the following:


  • Try updating the plugin which is mentioned in the SEVERE error
  • Attempt deleting and then re-uploading the plugin
  • Remove the plugin if no newer version is available, and is not missing any dependencies



This message means that your online-mode in the server.properties is set to false. Having this set to false will allow players with hacked/modified clients onto your server. No usernames are validated and anyone can login with random usernames. so it is suggested you change it to true, unless this is intentional of course.

If it is intentional to run your server in offline/insecure mode, then we recommend you take additional steps to secure your server with a plugin like OpeNLogin or alternative plugin like it. 


at net.minecraft.server.EntityTNTPrimed.d(EntityTNTPrimed.java:70)

This usually means that someone has been a little silly on your server with TNT. The only way to fix this error is usually to reset the world. You can do this by changing the level name in the server.properties to something else, saving and restarting the server.



[SEVERE] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

This means that you've reached the maximum amount of memory for your tier

You'll need to do one of the following:-


  • First, if you don't often restart your server. Restart the server daily
  • Make sure your plugins are updates, memory leaks aren't uncommon. 
  • Change modpack to something more "light" such as Tekkit classic, Tekkit Lite, Bytesize pack etc
  • Remove some mods / plugins from the server
  • If you run multiple world (other than the nether / end dimensions) try removing some that are not so essential.
  • Finally, you can always upgrade your server. You can do this easily by clicking the drop down to the right of the restart button and selecting upgrade server.
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