Game panel Update

Today our game control panel will be updated to a new version. 

This change is big and will result in a down time of 1 to 2 hours where you are not be able to control your server(s).
However your server is still up! 

Unfortunately we got notified about this happening last night, this is why we could not announce this any earlier.

If you do run into any issues during this 2 hour window, please make a support ticket. 

We will keep you updated in this post with updates from our provider. 

Update 11:13 UTC+0 :

The maintenance period has finally started. The host had some last fixes to do and made a DB backup. Unfortunately that delayed the maintenance window as well. 
I hope the status page will represent when the updating has finished. 


We're about to begin the game panel upgrade. This will take up to an hour - It may take a bit longer, and we'll publish any developments here as they happen.


11:47 UTC+0

Some more information on what's going on - right now the panel is being served from a failover pop while we're sorting out an issue with redis on the wisp 2 nodes. When that is sorted the ~1 hour downtime will start. Aka: that was a false-start above, and we haven't actually started the time consuming part of the migration yet. This means the downtime may start any minute now.


14:00 UTC+0

we're doing some quality assurance, before starting to push out updates to the daemon, sftp server & making the panel available - please hold things seem to be working as expected so far - daemon updates will start shortly to work with the new panel before we disable maintenance mode & let you all break everything

While that's ongoing I just wanna share some of the rough edges which we already know about, and will work on fixing asap - please don't report these issues to us, because we can also see them:

  • the UI isn't fully responsive at all sizes yet
  • on pages with multiple small containers like the startup params there is some inconsistent spacing between the containers
  • when you click a server from the homepage, the page does a weird refresh-looking thing, before loading the console page, minor
  • the header of the page changes before the body shows the skeleton for some reason, minor
The game panel should now be back online - there may be some minor issues, we'll be working to resolve them as they come in. This is a major update so it's hard for us to test absolutely everything that everyone is going to do! If you notice an issue let us know

16:15 UTC+0

Pushing a release now for the following fixes so far

  • backup deletion/modal strings
  • sftp server being broken
  • application api searching being broken
  • schedule modal breaking on invalid cron

16:51 UTC+0

Next release about to come out (v2.0.14)

  • fixes list errors
  • Fixes pagination
  • re-implement searching application api

also sftp-server fix actually coming out in this one, it was skipped in last one by accident. sorry.


Sunday, February 13, 2022

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